Friday, August 21, 2009

Plated Desserts Demonstration

Today we had our first Lunch and Recipe Swap. Michelle H., our resident chef, did a demonstration on dessert plating. Simple Presentations:
  1. The dessert alone-- This will usually only consist of a wedge of pie or cake, a piece of pastry, or a single scoop of ice cream or two.
  2. The dessert plus a garnish-- This can be as simple as a sprig of mint. Fruit is another suitable garnish that is very popular. You may choose to use some berries whole. Large pieces of fruit should be diced into small pieces or sliced. Another way to add a garnish is to use ice cream. This is done by forming the ice cream into a quenelle. A quenelle is formed by using two spoons to shape the ice cream into an oval. Some other ideas might be to add some whip cream, a small cookie, or chocolate curls.
  3. The dessert plus a sauce-- Some ideas for a sauce would be to use a fruit sauce, chocolate, or a creme anglaise. This is a simple vanilla sauce, that is made from milk, sugar and egg yolks. Typically you don't place a sauce on top of a dessert, but use the sauce to decorate the plate. This can be done by placing a small pool of sauce in the middle of the plate, or on the side and then placing the dessert close to the sauce. you may also consider dazzling or even coming up with your own design for your plates. Use your imagination and have fun.
  4. The dessert with a garnish and a sauce-- With this method you simply use all of your components on one plate.

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